Ronald Canady, has been influenced by the foundation of contemporary R&B, but infused with Gospel and Pop. From the tender age of 7 years old, as anonly child, he watched his grandmother sing in the choir and listened to his mother casually cover Anita Baker songs. The heart and soul of the choir and the raw emotion his mother shared singing songs such as, “365 days” ignited his passion for music as an art form and allowed for the recognition of his own talent. Music blossomed within him as he grew to perform with an award winning group, “the Jazz Singers”, and instilled the dream in him for a solo career. For the past ten years, Canade – his artist name - has performed at open mics, showcases, and talent revues both locally in the greater Atlanta area and NYC.



Cultivating his own sound by challenging the norm, Canadecovers deep cuts and obscure nostalgic gems in his sets that most artists would never even think of. With his complex lyrical content and compelling arrangements, he’s getting back to what R&B/Soul music is at its core, honest and raw. Canade’s brand is a complete package of complexity and sincerity. His sound, a compilation of a wide range of influences, is different than today’s music - not manufactured or copied.


Canade is a representation of authenticity and his story of redemption is heartfelt. He uses his platform to uplift others and it vividly paints his relationship with GOD. Compassion, empathy, transparency, and true forgiveness are only a few topics touched by this alien in his music. 



Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, he’s resilience is captivating and inspiring. He’s ready to walk in his light and nothing will stand in his way. With persistence, passion, and purpose, he is ready to give the world something to imitate.... but never duplicate.